Transform your room: summer edition


Do you know those hot summer days when you come home, and all you want is to sleep? I think every one of us can relate to that. You enter your room, feeling all sleepy and relaxed, and you instantly get depressed. You still have clothes on the bed because you changed in a hurry this morning, your desk is full of papers and makeup and the air is so hot that you can barely breathe. Well, for sure this is not an atmosphere that you enjoy. When the weather is really hot, you need to create a fresh ambient in your room. You don’t know how? Here you go:


  • Organize all the useless things. Yes, I know that you think that you need all those random stuff, but you actually don’t! We use to keep things in our rooms because “we might need it someday”. However, when the temperature is already high, the last thing you want to do is to make your room crowded. Organize all the small things that make your room messy, like old magazines, dry nail polish and empty perfume bottles. If you don’t want to throw them away, at least take them out of your relaxing space.
  • Remove the heavy curtains. I know that it’s sunny outside and you want to have a dark space to relax into, but some thick, dark curtains will not help you. They will prevent the fresh air from coming in, and they will make the space seem smaller. If you want something to cover your windows, pick some light curtains that will keep the sun away, but allow the air to come in. As for the color, go for a cold one, maybe blue or gray.
  • Bring in a few plants. If you don’t usually keep plants in your bedroom, you should start now. Besides the fact that they will make you more relaxed, they will help you breathe easier. As you know, plants release oxygen in the air, and this is perfect for a hot, suffocating day. Make sure that you choose small, but colored plants that will make everything seem cheerful.
  • Play with summer decorations. Even if you are not a big fan of interior design, it’s still worth to do this. It will make you feel relaxed instantly, and think about sunny beaches and warm waves. Seashells, sand, palm trees figurines, a small fish bowl, all this will make you get in that holiday spirit. Maybe you will not go in a vacation this year, but you can at least have your own vacation every time you relax in your room!


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