Tricks to protect your hair



One of the most precious treasures of a woman is her hair. We paint it, cut it, arrange it, use masks and treatments, everything to be sure that it looks perfect. With all this, we don’t realize that some small gestures can destroy all our hard work. Believe it or not, there are things that will help you more than any hair mask. This is what you have to do (or avoid) to protect your hair:


  • Don’t sleep with your hair in a ponytail. For women with long hair, it can be extremely uncomfortable to sleep with their hair free. It gets all tangled up and greasy because of the sheets. However, sleeping with it in a ponytail is much worst than this. First of all, you are forcing your hair to stay flat, which means that it will have no volume the second day. The more important thing is that the elastic that you use to tie your hair will damage it. If you must tie your hair, try to use a material like cotton or silk that will not do you any bad.
  • Don’t straighten your hair while it’s still wet. We all do this: we go out of the shower, our hair is still wet, but we still straighten it immediately because we are in a rush. Well, imagine this: your hair absorbed some water during shower, and this water did not evaporate yet. This means that when you straighten your hair, that water becomes extremely hot in your hair, attacking it from the inside. If you must use a hair iron, use it when your hair is completely dry and use a special spray to protect it from the heat.
  • Don’t brush it when it’s wet. I know for years that this is a bad habit, and I still do it sometimes. However, I can’t help but notice how much hair I break during this process. The hair is extremely sensitive and thin, so I do my best do brush it before I take shower and use a mask to make it more soft and silky.
  • Apply essential oils instead of chemical treatments. We buy all kind of treatments from the store, but all of them contain chemical ingredients that we don’t actually need. Instead of loading our body with all this we can apply natural essential oils. Argan oil will do miracles for your hair if you apply a small quantity after every shower.