Turban styles




For hijabis, wearing a turban can be a pretty complicated thing. You need to find a style that will not only look nice, but also cover your Awrah. Fortunately, there are many styles that you can adopt for this summer. Maybe you can build your entire Eid outfit around your head scarf!

  • This style is also known as ” the Spanish style” in some countries. It is extremely easy to arrange, and it is very suitable for day-to-day wear. It is casual, fast and comfortable! What else can you ask for?91728be40725e849dbcd2a42bb68e89e
  • The crossover turban. This can be more difficult to arrange, but it is spectacular with an elegant outfit. Many women prefer this style for important events, as an alternative to the normal hijab. Follow the tutorial and give it a try!



  • The bun turban. Most of the brides choose this style for their wedding day, because it is delicate, modest and beautiful in the same time. If you want to try it, search for a scarf that is a bit more rough. In this way you will be sure that it will stay in place all day long and you can enjoy your special moment.


  • The African turban. For the women who want to try something different, this can be the right choice. A style that can transform a simple outfit, suitable for a casual day or a fancy dinner. Either way, try it and be confident in your skin!