Upcycling! This is what she made from an old Airstream

airstreamIn the last years, people started to focus more and more on the importance of the recycling. The term “upcycling” means that you take something old and useless and you manage to find a way to transform it into something new and productive.

You can upcycle anything, from old clothes to pieces of furniture around the house. With a little bit of imagination you an turn them into new pieces that cost more than you think if you would have to buy them from the store. This is exactly what Sarah, an upcycle passionate, did with this old airstream.

She started with small DIY projects and soon she realized that she can make magic with a little bit of effort and time. She posted various projects on her personal blog, and then she decided that she want to take on a new project. Sarah tried to turn this airstream into a home, a comfortable place that you can stay in without feeling that you are missing something. Once you will see the photos, you will realize that she was successful from every point of view!

Now, imagine that you have an old empty metal box and you have to make it comfortable and welcoming. That would be a challenge, right? And it was for Sarah also! She needed quite some time to find the materials and to arrange the inside of the airstream, but luckily her family was there to help her every step of the way.

The result will make you understand why upcycling is so important, and how you can help the environment and you can improve your life only with the power of creation. You probably don’t have an airstream to transform, but you can take some of the ideas of Sarah and use them to decorate your room.







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