How to Wake up Beautiful

8ee02a8ba0cf459823f5d07356629267Before applying makeup and fixing your hair in the mornings you fear looking in the mirror. But follow these steps before going to sleep and you’ll end up saying, “good morning beautiful” to yourself.


Hair. If you shower at night fixing your bed hair in the morning will be a hassle. If you straighten your hair go ahead and get started before going to bed. That way when you straighten it in the morning also it won’t be so time consuming. After straightening your hair use a night cream on your hair. If you wear your hair curly you should curl it or scrunch it in the morning but still use the night serum to wake up with shiny locks. For volume the next morning wear your hair in a high ponytail at night.


Face. Wash your face at night and in the morning for better skin. At night after washing your face with makeup remover apply a spot treatment to red bumps, blackheads, and even the bumps you can feel but can’t really see. however, make sure you remember to clean it off in the morning, then moisturize. Another face tip for night time is take off all eye makeup with eye makeup remover so you won’t look like a raccoon in the morning and your eyelashes won’t fall out. Apply an eye depuffer cream for under eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.


Teeth: Well, of course, brush your teeth at night! But also, use whitening strips before going to bed for pearly whites. Also, use a good chapstick on your lips overnight to make your smile even prettier!


If you sweat a lot or sometimes forget to put deodorant in the morning use clinical strength deodorant before going to bed. If you forget to add again in the morning it still works throughout the day.


Sleep high. Sleep on two pillows instead of one pillow. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won’t accumulate.



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