What’s in your bag?




Ask a man to find something in a woman’s bag and he will fail without a doubt. Even so, we know perfectly in what corner of our bag we can find the lipstick, the phone or the keys. It’s a “girls thing” than men can’t understand. But did you ever think about what you really need to carry in your purse? You know how heavy your bag is sometimes, but when you are in need you don’t find what you need. Well, here are some things that you might consider adding in your bag:


  • Pills. For your stomach, for your head, for your back. How many times you had a terrible headache but you had no pharmacy around? I bet it happens pretty often. Keep some pills in your bag at all times to prevent any unpleasant situation.
  • Bandages. You love new shoes, ┬ábut you know that they are not comfortable. You can get blisters from walking and the fastest way to solve it is by applying a bandage.
  • Security pins. It does not matter if you are a Hijabi or not; you will still need them at some point. You can get a tear in your shirt or your bag’s zipper can break. It’s good to have them, but make sure you keep them in a plastic case in your bag.
  • Scissors. Of course, a small one. Never know when you need to cut something, open a package or something similar. We all know that none of your friends will have something like this so… you can save them every time!
  • Wet Wipes. No need to say why; you can fix your makeup, clean your hands, remove a stain and so on. Make sure that you take alcohol-free wipes, so you can use them without any problem on your face.
  • A protein bar. You feel hungry while you are outside so what do you do? You grab a donut! Since being healthy is important, try to replace these snacks with a protein bar. Keep one in your bag all the time to avoid any temptation.
  • A pen. Yes, you can write everything down on your phone, but what if you are out of battery? It’s better to keep it classic and have a pen in your bag all the time. If you have other ideas on what a woman should have in her bag, let us know in the comments!


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