Why does she cut this old T-shirt? You will not believe the result!


If you are anything like me, you probably have plenty of old clothes in your closet. You don’t wear them, but you are having a hard time giving them away, so you are just waiting for a chance to turn them into something new and fresh.

Well, it seems that this time is here, because this tutorial for sure will refresh your wardrobe. If you never have enough bags around, you will learn how you can create a nice (and simple!) bag by using an old T-shirt. Yes, that’s right!

Now, it depends entirely on you to choose what kind of material you want. Remember that if you use a very thin T-shirt, the bag will not be as resistant and you will not be able to carry everything you want in it. Go for thick materials, maybe even jeans! Apart from this, you also have to consider the color of the bag; having a white one is not a good idea, especially if you always have make-up in your purse and it gets spilled everywhere. Choose a nice print, something that you can wear every day and that will not get dirty easily.

If you want to take this DIY project to the next level, you can add some accessories on your new bag and even a zipper! You will find all the materials that you need at the convenience store, and they will not cost you more than a few coins. Use special glue to attach small stones and flowers, and sew the ones that are bigger and heavier. With a little bit of imagination you can get a bunch of new bags, and you can get rid of all those T-shirts that make your closet so dirty.

Gather all the materials before you begin and make sure you have plenty of time for this project!




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