Workout ideas for stay-at-home moms




For any woman, being a mom is more important than anything else. You are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to see your baby happy and healthy. Of course, you face challenges every day and there isn’t so much time left for yourself. You go to a spa every few months (if you are lucky) but a gym is out of discussion. You already have to take care of your child and your home. How to keep fit? Well, luckily there are some tricks that you can apply to get rid of some kilograms without a professional gym.


  • Dance. Yes, you probably didn’t do this since a very long time. However, this is a great way to keep yourself in shape. Besides, you can have some quality time with your child. He will enjoy seeing you dancing and jumping in the living room. Play a happy song, and dance as energetic as possible for at least 15 minutes every day. Believe me, after a few weeks you will notice a difference.
  • Include your child in your workout routine. If you have a toddler, you can’t leave him alone for two hours and work out. However, it can be beneficial for you and fun for him to exercise together. You want to make some squats? Carry him in your arms. Push-ups? Let him stay on your back. The supplementary weight will tone your muscles even better, and he will associate sport with something entertaining.
  • Have fun while cleaning. Very often you are tired, sleep deprived, and you still have to take care of the house. Alright, you don’t like it, but why not take advantage of this? For example, cleaning the windows can be a great exercise for your arms. If you pick up toys from the floor, make squats instead of bending. After a few weeks like this, you will have a spotless house and some toned muscles.
  • During the day, you have to run errands, to go to the store and so on. Since you are with your child, you tend to use your car or public transportation. You have to change this! Walking is the most simple and the most effective exercise. Only 30 minutes of walking every day can make the difference, and you will find yourself losing weight without too much effort.
  • Create a short routine. You don’t have a few hours to exercise, but do you have a few minutes? The Internet is filled with videos that show you how to complete an effective routine in only 15 minutes. It is more intense than usual, but in the same time it can replace 2 hours spent in the gym. It’s enough to let your baby take a nap, and you will have time to complete your fitness program. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?